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Royales Standards No.9 Playing CardsRoyales Standards No.9 Playing Cards
Royales (Midnight Blue) Playing CardsRoyales (Midnight Blue) Playing Cards
Royales Players (Noir Marked) Playing CardsRoyales Players (Noir Marked) Playing Cards
Murphy's Magic Quiver
From $39.95
In stock, 4 units
Iron Man MK1 Playing CardsIron Man MK1 Playing Cards
Card Mafia Iron Man MK1 Playing Cards
In stock, 2 units
House Mars Playing CardsHouse Mars Playing Cards
Gagnon's Inner SanctumGagnon's Inner Sanctum
Murphy's Magic Gagnon's Inner Sanctum
Only 1 unit left
False Anchors V4 (Deep Sea) Playing CardsFalse Anchors V4 (Deep Sea) Playing Cards
False Anchors Set (Book and Gimmick)False Anchors Set (Book and Gimmick)

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Quantum Deck: Coming Soon 02/14/2022

Quantum Deck: Coming Soon 02/14/2022

Joshua Lantiegne
A once in a generation, giant leap forward in Card At Any Number methodology by Craig Petty... ANY number can be FREELY named. This is ENTIRELY true, but on those unusual occasions the spectator decides to name a particularly small number or unusually big will need to easily nudge them to a more workable number with a suggestion or two. Easy right?
In Case of Emergency: Comming Soon 9/27/2021

In Case of Emergency: Comming Soon 9/27/2021

Joshua Lantiegne
THE DEFINITIVE CARD-TO-BOX GIMMICK"Adam Wilber has made a clever, low profile switch box that injects a quality of participatory playfulness into ...
Visible: Comming Soon 8/23/21

Visible: Comming Soon 8/23/21

Joshua Lantiegne
Take a look at this new look on this old classic. You won't be sorry! Admit it. You own (or once owned) an Invisible Deck.A spectator freely names...