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Digits of DeceptionDigits of Deception
Da Vinci Vanish
Sherlocked 2.0
Labelled Evolution
Card Sleights
The Virus CardThe Virus Card
Kaymar Magic The Virus Card
In stock, 2 units
The Bit CoinThe Bit Coin
Sansmind The Bit Coin
In stock, 4 units
Mono Xero Playing CardsMono Xero Playing Cards
Murphy's Magic Mono Xero Playing Cards
In stock, 17 units
Magifest 2019 Playing CardsMagifest 2019 Playing Cards
Lethal Tender (Gold & Silver)Lethal Tender (Gold & Silver)
Kings Wild Americanas JUMBO Tuck Case Collectors SetKings Wild Americanas JUMBO Tuck Case Collectors Set

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Revolve: Comming Soon 01/27/2020

Revolve: Comming Soon 01/27/2020

Joshua Lantiegne
This is the type of magic I can really get behind. Not only is it stunningly visual and looks like real magic... Revolve is a utility device that includes visually stunning effects! This project includes Changes, Transpositions and even Vanishes of a folded card. Hyper visual effects like never before! The card morphs from one color to another in an instant and can be done in numerous ways.
Collusion Ring: Coming Soon 1/20/2020

Collusion Ring: Coming Soon 1/20/2020

James Lantiegne
Mechanics Industries has done it again. They took an everyday object and made it take beautiful and practical for all your different ring routines. If you like coins or rings or both together this one is for you... Check it out!!!
NOMAD COIN - Comming Soon 12/23/2019

NOMAD COIN - Comming Soon 12/23/2019

James Lantiegne
Yes it is as good as it looks, when they say CGI level visuals they weren't kidding. Watch the video and see for yourself, there are no funny cuts in this one.