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When we think of Mentalism Magic, we don't often think of close-up. However, whether you are a close-up magician or a mentalist, Queentuitive is for you. Test your audiences psychic ability by placing cards down on the table and have them call stop at anytime. Place a numbered card next to the card they called stop at. Do this three more times. Next, remove each of the numbered cards with the cards next to them. Reveal that each of your audience members stopped at one of the Queens. Not only that, but once each numbered card is revealed they are the matching Queens. If that is not enough, next you fan out the deck, revealing that not only did they find the four Queens, but the rest of the deck is blank.

Queentuitive comes with everything you need. Four numbered Queens, four regular Queens, and a blank deck. Easy to do. Comes with a bonus trick using ESP cards (you supply the cards).

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