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The SurpriseThe Surprise
Sky Vanish
Card College LightCard College Light
Murphy's Magic Card College Light
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Madness Display
Rubinstein Coin MagicRubinstein Coin Magic
Color StixColor Stix
Eric Stevens Color Stix
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Easy Card MagicEasy Card Magic
Nathan Kranzo Easy Card Magic
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Card Sleights
At The Table Live Lecture - Mike Powers
Lazy Man's Penetrations
Don't Fear the FaroDon't Fear the Faro
At The Table Live Lecture - Mahdi Gilbert
At The Table Live Lecture - Ryan Schlutz
Fugitive Coins
Hand-picked Astonishments (Card Forces)
Butchered Bunny
Tarbell - Complete Course 1 - 8
Subtle Card Creations Vol. 4
At The Table Live Lecture - Eric Jones
101 Tricks with a Svengali Deck
Subtle Card Creations Vol. 8
Murphy's Magic Furtive
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