Better Sensory Perception "BSP"

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An amazing multi-phase comedy magic and mentalism routine with a several exciting surprises that fits right in your pocket.  Some sleight of hand and showmanship is required to get the most out of this wonderful presentation.  Time tested and audience approved by Sharpo!TM 

A fun and fantastic routine that fits in your pocket.  A spectator selects a card from the shuffled pack.  It is placed face down on the table. The master magician displays 4 playing cards that are blank on both sides.  Before he can guess the chosen card he must establish a psychic connection with the spectator.  He asks the spectator to think of a word and the magician pretends to write it on the card.  Then the previously displayed blank cards each card now show a written word!  The magician then waves the 4 cards over the selected card and one by one the previously blank cards now show the bak of a playing card.  The magician then offers to make a small wager before revealing his prediction.  A coin then drops from the 4 cards.  The spectator turns over his card and the magician reveals the back of a blank card to show it is a perfect match!  

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