Z-Ray Deck

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About Bicycle Karnival Z-Ray Playing Cards

Paul Zenon has been described as everything from a comedy conman to a cutting-edge magician to an original cardistry superstar, and has appeared everywhere from Hollywood to Bollywood to Channel 4's Countdown to La Clique. For almost 30 years, he has brought his unique combination of contemporary trickery and streetwise stand-up to the stages and screens of around 40 countries in all corners of the world. And by way of celebration of this three decade run, Mr. Zenon has teamed up with leading playing card producer Karnival cards to create a unique, boutique deck of cards. Designed by Zenon's long time collaborator Vince Ray (another rock n roll alumni - he fronts Vince Ray and the BoneShakers), they are the pictorial representation of Zenon's patented blend of rock 'n roll sensibility and charming confidence trickster. The Z-Ray deck of cards has been printed by The United States Playing Card Company - the world's largest deck manufacturer - and features:

World renowned Bicycle cards quality.

Retro tattoo and underground comic book style.

Custom and exclusive artwork on tuckbox, backs, all court cards, aces and two different jokers.

And for the magicians out there, Paul has hidden a few little bonuses:

Borderless back design looks symmetrical but has subtle one-way design.

Blank-facer included with card reveal hidden in back design.

Card reveal hidden on tuckbox bar code.

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