Worlds Second Best Card Trick

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The name World Second Best Card Trick was selected because we let the others fight over first place. This effect has it all; comedy (lots of laughs), audience participation, Magic and did I say comedy?

A spectator is asked to select a card from a jumbo-sized deck. He/she is now asked to look at the card and then close their eyes, concentrating on the value of the card (assume the 3 of spades). The performer now asks that the card be replaced into the deck, but here is where the fun starts. The jumbo deck has now been replaced by a standard poker-sized deck!

The jumbo card is mixed with the standard cards as the performer tries in vain to find the selected card. This situation gets funnier and funnier. The performer pulls out a card and names it which proves to be the wrong card. This is repeated several times with the same results.

Finally, the performer’s eyes light up. “Silly me, I think I have found your card for sure now.” The performer removes the jumbo card from the spread and states, “it is the 6 of hearts”, showing the face of the jumbo card. Somehow the spectator’s jumbo card has changed…. “I don’t understand how I could have missed this… you see, all the cards are the THREE OF SPADES!’ The performer now spreads the entire deck and all the cards match the spectator’s selected jumbo card!

Comes complete, ready to work with all necessary cards, etc.

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