Virtuoso Playing Cards - Spring/Summer 2016

Sale price$50.00 USD


Vivacious colors and a bold design make the Virtuoso SS16 card deck one of the most popular cardistry decks to date. Made with superb high quality materials, these playing cards are durable as well as easy and comfortable to handle. While the design is quite minimalist, its geometric backing makes for amazing card flourishes giving the illusion of shifting patterns, swirling shapes and ever-changing colors, enhancing the beauty of the cards.

The lack of border on the deck’s backing makes these playing cards modern, stylish and allows for seamless merging between cards making every flourish extraordinary and eye-catching. Released in time for Spring/Summer 2016, the Virtuoso SS16 is definitely a deck to add to your collection.

Main Features:
  • Crafted with casino-grade materials
  • Spring/Summer 2016 edition
  • Matte tuck box
  • Designed for cardistry

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