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It is a levitation device.

We wanted to create a really good levitation system, that is easy for you to carry around.

That is why it took us three whole years on and off to complete the very first prototype. It took a further six months of constant refinement and research, and three changes in form factor, to make it more compact and more practical. The result is what we now call the Unseen Force.

Unseen Force is essentially a levitation gimmick. We believe the soul of this levitation gimmick lies is where it is "hidden", once the audience suspects the existence of a thread during the performance, the magical atmosphere is gone, no matter how good the performance is.

We think we have done it.

We are proud to present to you, Unseen Force: A brand new way of levitation.

It's 100% mechanical...This means no battery is needed for fear of it dying on you.

If you want to move and levitate small objects seemingly by just the power of your mind.

If you want possess the ability of telekinesis and perform amazing levitations, animations, and balance effects.

Unseen Force is for you, all your need is only your presentation.

Hook up system

Unseen Force has a new concept and system we have been developing for the last sixth months, with this system you can do many powerful effects with borrowed objects (Playing Cards / Rings / Cigarettes / Bills...et)

The all-new unique hook-up system and position greatly minimize the possibility of the IT getting caught on other objects on your body.

Set up is easy. Once it is set up, the gimmick stays inconspicuous, secure, and out of the way when not in use. Providing peace of mind as you are able to go about your day normally (except when undressing, for obvious reasons).

Nevertheless, you are ready to perform at any moment.

The position of the hook up allows you to obtain the gimmick in an easy manner and using a completely natural action. It is highly versatile and adaptable, allowing for flexibility when performing.

Clothing & Management

Performing with a jacket may not be practical in most situations, especially in summer, or in hot and humid environments.

Unseen Force allows you to perform in a short-sleeved Polo T-shirt, even without a jacket.

You would be able to perform in the majority of conditions; whether strolling, close-up, parlor, or even on social occasions.

It takes up no pocket space, and it has no plastic clips that could break or come loose.

Once it is set up, the gimmick is highly concealed in addition to being secure, stable, and reliable.


The gimmick is easy to operate. And you do not need any batteries.

Each one is hand-assembled, to ensure the highest quality.


It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or have no prior experience with thread work. Unseen Force comes with a 1 hour-long expertly-shot tutorial video that clearly explains the concepts and effects.

With some practice and familiarization, you will be performing miracles in no time.
  • A set of systems that provides an almost threadless feeling as well as a high degree of freedom.
  • The unique winding method makes the movement more efficient, which means a movement of 1 cm of your hands can dispense 3-5 cm of IT.
  • Apart from being able to accomplish a wide range of classic IT effects, the main emphasis of Unseen Force is the robustness of its applications.
  • Thinking outside the box, and breaking away from the traditional IT effects, as you can see from the promotional trailer. This is very cool.
  • Extremely fast set-up
  • Although it can be safely worn on your body at all times, if you don't want to wear it all day, you can easily set it up just 5 seconds before your performance
  • Most IT workers like yourself would be the most concerned about the IT itself.
  • The default IT that comes with Unseen Force is one of the best in terms of strength among ITs of the same thickness. It allows you to easily accomplish the effects shown in the promotional video.
  • However, if you prefer ITs of other brands, the tutorial includes instructions to replace the ITs.
  • Unseen Force is totally different from other thread systems.
The all-new way to carry and hook-up not only allows you to accomplish most other IT effects but also new innovative effects unique to Unseen Force.
  • A new concept, and new effects
  • Infinite possibilities
  • Stable to carry & extremely concealed
  • Perform in any conditions, anywhere
  • Expansibility & easy to operate
  • Brand new levitation effects
  • Superior quality & handmade
  • Detailed video instructions.

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