Ultimate Wand Levitation

Sale price$250.00 USD


Each wand is hand crafted from real wood. The process of making the wands takes 11 months from start to finish. Each wand has been created using several trade secret processes to make them perfect for professionalξlevitations. Made from real wood, hand sanded, stained, and poly coated 3ξtimes, hand sanding between each coat. In the end creating an ultra light, heavy looking, redξmahogany, and brass tippedξprofessionalξwand.ξ

Each wand is digitally weighed before, during and after the process to ensure a superior ultra light finished product, weighing on average only 5 grams. That's less than an american quarter ($0.25 cent piece weighs 5.6 grams). This is a collectors item that will treasured for years to come. Many magicians from around the world bought 2. One for performance and one to keep as a beautiful collectors piece.ξ

The Ultimate Wand Levitation includes your Floating Wizard Wand; Wooden WandZ Box, lined with red satin and custom fit; (1) Instructional DVD with 17 teaching videos explaining all the moves you can do with your floating wand; and a Levitation Kit (fully loaded with everything you need to get started right away.)

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