Ultimate Marked Deck Companion Book

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"There is material here for magicians of any level of expertise...The price is reasonable and the book is recommended." -Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine
The game marked a new generation of Magic Dream 

The game marked than you expected ... 

"Diabolically hidden and readable in the blink of an eye ..." Gaëtan Bloom 

"The game Ultimate is currently the best game scored for the magicians. It manages to be both easy to read and difficult to detect." Darwin Ortiz 

The game Ultimate was presented before the marketing wizards of renown, whose reputation is well established. These few cartomanes Fellows have been unable, despite a thorough examination, detect anything unusual. More interesting still: from the secret revealed, the magician in question were capable of rapid reading and be well without hesitation identity card at random. 

"The towers he goes out every day, game-fixing as well. There are those for amateurs and those for professionals. The professional needs a game marked quick to read in all conditions. The professional needs of efficiency and reliability, it is in the game Ultimate game also marked ideal bienpour close-ups for the stage." - Bernard BILIS 

Those who have not used the game marked ULTIMATE think probably it is a game marked more. Those who have tried say that this game has marked something more. 

What they say: 

"Of all the games marked the ULTIMATE is by far the best game existant.La reading maps is immediate, and the system used is a ingéniositéremarquable. It is the ultimate weapon in the genre, there is no doubt about it. " - Jean-Jacques SANVERT 

"For me the best games marked ... It is easy to decipher: it is adopted! ..." - Juan Mayoral 

"The game should Ulimate change the lives of magicians. A Do not buy, buy TEN " - Chris Kenner 

"... A product of the highest quality and a game marked useful ... " - Roberto GIOBBE 

"In my opinion the only game marked really a ..." - Piet FORTON 

"I use it every day now!" - Etienne Pradier 

"The best of the best ..." - Jean-Pierre Vallarino 

'The ne plus ultra of games marked a marvel of precision. The Ultimateest game marked the most intelligent: it lacks that speech! Ilmarquera, I am sure the history of Cartomagie." -- Henry Mayol 

"This game is not for everyone's hands." - Gilbert GROSS First French World Champion of poker history (1988) 

- No learning 
- Nothing to interpret 
- No codes or symbols 
- Play 
- Location Immediate 
- True Cards Bicycle Rider Back Playing Card Company U.S. printing 

Pages: 150 - Softbound

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