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"Among the purest, prettiest, most impossible card effects I've ever seen. Joshua Jay has a gift for creating neo-classics. And this will be the next one."
- Rune Klan

"It's not often a performer chooses to release material that is strong enough to close a show and elicit standing ovations. Joshua Jay is making a habit of doing exactly that. 'Trojan Deck' is a great trick. However, more than this it is an exciting tool to bring many new, exciting and radically fooling ideas to life. Its method is one I have enjoyed exploring and applying far and wide ever since I learned it. I think you will too."
- Luke Jermay

Straight from Joshua Jay's smash-hit, off-broadway show *Six Impossible Things* to your working set, "The Trojan Deck" from Vanishing Inc. is about as close as you can get to the "holy grail" of card magic.

At its core, it offers the perfect combination of being beautifully direct while also stunningly powerful. So much so, it almost seems too good to be true. Two different decks are shuffled. They shuffle one. You shuffle the other. In the end, both decks match.

"Trojan Deck" is so much more than just another magic trick though. It's an ingenious and versatile gimmick that has been carefully designed so you can perform a variety of parlor and close-up miracles. If you're a memorized deck worker, this includes performing memorized deck card tricks from a shuffled deck.

Magicians will also love to hear that "Trojan Deck" is surprisingly easy to perform. There's no sleight of hand required and it's essentially foolproof. There's no deck switch either. The decks never even need to "touch" to do any sneaky moves. They are separate the entire time.

"Trojan Deck" solves many of the issues plaguing similar effects. There are no complicated methods or mathematical processes that are easy to screw up. You don't have to worry about intense audience management either as the spectators can truly shuffle the deck any way they want.

As this has been Josh's closer for years, these details were extremely important to him. But, they're also not even the best part.

To Joshua, the best part of "Trojan Deck" is the limitless presentation possibilities it offers. While Joshua performs a touching story about how his parents met, you can perform "Trojan Deck" any way you want. Share an interesting story about coincidences, lean into the mathematical impossibility of what's about to happen or don't say anything at all. It's truly up to you. If you want to simply do an awesome full-deck matching effect. You can.

Each set comes with a special gimmick and two decks of cards so you can get performing right away. It takes only a few minutes to get the gimmick ready. Joshua offers complete instructions and tons of extra ideas in the online tutorial.

The "Trojan Deck" is extremely durable and will last you countless performances. Due to the complicated nature of manufacturing this effect though, supplies are very limited.

Get yours today and discover why the creator of some of the bestselling tricks of all time like "Inferno", "Balance" and "Out of Sight", feels this might just be his best creation to date.

Please note: "Trojan Deck" is only available with Phoenix Playing Cards.

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