Tom Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 1

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Impromptu anywhere, anytime magic at it's finest!

A curated list of impromptu miracles taught by a master! Tom Mullica Teaches you some of his favorites.

Effects included:

  • Perpetual Balls
  • The Cookie Mystery
  • Waters of India
  • Stretching a Hank
  • Ring, Rope, & Pin
  • The Bouncing Fruit
  • The Spirit Hand
  • Ashes Thru Hand
  • Karrel Fox's Napkin Vanish
  • Calendar Caper
  • Wrigley Feel
  • A sweet prediction
  • Broken & Restored Match
  • The Book Test
  • Pencil Thru Bill
  • Ultra Sensory Perception
  • One-Handed Knot (without releasing the ends)
  • Silk Thru Arm
Download the video and learn!

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