Thin Air

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Quicky and easily produce, vanish or switch objects with this powerful utility device from Ignacio Lopez and Vanishing Inc.

Disguised as an innocent looking silk that you can carry in your pocket, Thin Air is one of the easiest and most practical ways to produce, switch or vanish, playing cards, business cards, billets, lottery tickets, photos, or any other similar object.

After completely selling out during its debut at Magifest, Thin Air is now available worldwide.

Here is a small sampling of things you can do with Thin Air:

  • Produce a full decks of cards and go right into your card magic set
  • Make coins impossibly appear prior to starting your favorite coin trick
  • Switch billets or lottery tickets for the easiest force ever
  • A super fair and simple serial number divination with a borrowed bill
  • A signed torn and restored card
Thin Air is so much more than a simple trick though. It's a tool that will help you unlock new levels of creativity.

This beautiful, premium quality silk is luxurious enough for a parlor magic performance, while also offering the durability and portability close-up magic demands.There's even added advantages for those who do seated performances.

Along with your experty-made Thin Air silk, you'll receive a full video tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know. It's super easy to use and you'll be ready to go out of the box. Each set also comes with a special bonus video highlighting a variety of other applications and access to the exclusive Thin Air Facebook group.

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