The Rice Project

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In the beginning, The Ambitious Riser seems daunting, maybe even impossible!

But after practicing it for a while, you start to get the hang of it. But now what? Did you learn the move for the sake of it? Are there any applications at all?

In this project, Danny will teach you many different ideas using The Ambitious Riser move. You will learn applications and routines that will unleash your creativity and teach you to see the move in a different light.

Together with those applications, Danny will teach you multiple drills to make the move smoother and more surefire. So pick up your deck, and welcome to The Rice Project.


Angle Portal
A teleportation effect, where a card is pushed into one pack and comes out of a different one. A card is selected, and the deck is cut into two piles. The card is placed in one of the packets. The packets are now held at an angle together like an L shape. The card is slowly put in the packet on top, and visually and slowly, it comes out of the bottom packet. Angle Portal is a real streamlined version where everything is motivated to show a real visual effect.

Portal is an alternative handling for Angle Portal where instead of a slow visual, the packets are held next to each other, and the card jumps from the middle of one packet to the other. The same mechanics but a different visual.

What Goes Up
A rise effect where the card is shown on top of the deck. It's now placed on the bottom and will rise to the top of the deck. It's only for a moment because it will also fall down to the bottom again. This all happens while the card is sticking out of the deck.

The Rice Will Fall
Based on Uzumaki by Dan and Dave, a rising effect with an ending. The top cards are shown and placed on the bottom. The card will rise to the top of the deck. It only shows that all the cards are face-up now, so it's actually still on the bottom.

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