The EDC Wallet

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RFA Productions & Patrick Redford presents The EDC Wallet

The ultimate card to wallet and peek wallet combo.

Tony Miller, Patrick Redford and RFA productions have teamed up to bring you one of the most versatile wallets designed specifically for the mentalist and magician.

As a deception tool, it's packed full of secrets:

Mentalists will love the different peek options. The EDC wallet boasts four different full peeks that allow you to covertly read the entire surface of a business card inserted into the wallet when it's closed. The SUC feature built into the EDC wallet is used with the kind permission of Mark Strivings. The wallet helps facilitate both nail writing techniques and pocket writing techniques.

Magicians will love the three different ways the wallet may secretly take a playing card.

There's a no palm card to wallet option where a card appears between the bills in the bill compartment of the wallet.

A card may also be secretly loaded into the ID compartment within the snap enclosure.

The wallet may be loaded despite being completely bound in rubber bands while remaining in full view.

It's made to be a functional wallet, boasting six credit card pockets that can comfortably hold multiple cards in each slot, an ID window, and a bill fold component to hold cash, not as an afterthought but as a design feature.

The EDC wallet is made from a high-quality cork leather making it more durable than even the highest quality animal leather. It's crush proof and waterproof.

Available in limited quantities.

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