Thanos Technology

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Thanos Technology is the new concept that brings your visuals to an alien level. You will be able to progressively make pretty much anything appear, disappear or change.

You can revisit classics and add a MASSIVE twist like coin matrix, torn and restored can, card to phone and more. Or you can use Thanos Technology to perform jaw-dropping original effects such as color changing ring, color changing liquid, progressive appearing card, progressive card transposition...

It is a tool that allows TRULY infinite applications.

It is made for camera magic such as social medias or zoom shows. No app, no software, you can do it LIVE.

This download includes a professional interactive e-book of 20 pages made of text and videos. Proximact shows you all the details of this amazing technology, that you probably already have at home.

Proximact is a collective of faceless magicians. Their universe is different from everything we have seen so far, and Thanos Technology is the opportunity to come into their universe.

Welcome to Proximact.

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