Spring Moist

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From Ian Wong, the creator of Puzzlement Deck comes FOUR amazing new effects that will surprise and delight every audience.

Spring Moist is a tricky system showcasing how one of the most familiar principles in card magic can be used to make some of the legendary card tricks cleaner and more fooling than ever!

This joint project is brought to you by creative underground magician Ian Wong from Guangzhou China. Join him on a deep exploration of how you can perform powerful and visual new variations of classic card tricks with a simple principle that can be mastered in less than one minute.

This extraordinary download features 4 complete routines, including an ACAAN that can be shuffled by multiple spectators. Combined with a location effect that features a visual image of finding the selected card, as well as an advanced version on the double location and much more.

Even if you think you might be familiar with this principle, you will still greatly enjoy the variety of original, thoughts and handlings packed into this impressive download.

Once you see how incredibly easy it is to make the routines happen and the immense potential it holds, you'll be kicking yourself for not discovering it sooner.

In Shuffle ACAAN"Ian Wong explores the venerable Any Card At Any Number plot with a tricky use of a familiar principle. Many versions of ACAAN have been published, but very few can be shuffled during the whole process, and the most important point is?no sleight of hand, no memory work, with every aspect thoroughly thought through. Shuffle ACAAN is ready to go right into your show.

Lucky Spring is exactly what you would expect. It is Ian Wong's famous effect, he has, as ever, thought through every detail in how to make it more impossible and simple.

Two Birds One Stone is the advanced version of Lucky Spring, by using this completely different and tricky method you can find two selections at the same time in just one move, it is visual and practical.


Perfect Match OOTW is a new approach for the classic Out of This World plot, and it's a treatment that gets everyone involved and a kicker ending is presented in a way that solves the problem of being able to see what's going to happen from the spectator's view. In other words, you will never know how the story will end.

This detailed download teaches you all of the key details needed to make Spring Moist a powerful addition to your arsenal.

While this system is not difficult, mastering the subtle details taught in this download are key to making this whole system truly beautiful and fooling.

In total, there are four routines and a bunch of sleight of hand, multiple angles in teaching, all of which work together to help clarify your approach to one familiar principle with cards.

So, don't wait any longer! Download today.

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