Split Prediction

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An incredible visual effect that ends with an impossible object!

With Split Prediction, you will be able to perform a multi-phase routine that your audience will not forget because in the end the magic happens in their hands.

Split Prediction comes with everything you need (gimmick and special cards) and is ready to perform.

The effect can be presented in several ways, here is one of them:

The magician explains that he has made a prediction that is in the card case. Then 2 cards are chosen by one or two spectators. The magician presents his prediction and asks if it matches one of the chosen cards but no card matches.

At this point the trick seems to have failed, but the magician points out that if you mix the two chosen cards by taking the value of one card and the suit of the other card, it may match the prediction. As the explanation is not too convincing, the magician asks to look carefully at the prediction which he will magically separate into two halves of cards making the two chosen cards appear!

But it's not over, the two halves of the cards are put in the spectator's hand and after a magic gesture the pieces will be reconstituted to form an impossible card that can be immediately examined.

You can also perform a routine with three selected cards where your prediction will be good and allow you to reveal each of the selected cards.
  • No elastic thread
  • Ready to perform
  • Reset in seconds
  • Instructional video (English and French)
  • Gimmick and special cards in Bicycle Rider back (USPCC)
  • Available in Red and Blue

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