Spectacular Eisenhower Dollar

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"Spectacular" is an easy-to-operate gimmick yet it shows the most stunning visual effect! A latest coin gimmick from Johnny Wong 2011, "Spectacular" comes with two unique coins, one being Eisenhower Dollar, another bronze Chinese Coin. This product also includes an instructive DVD, which contains a variety of illusions such as coin penetrating and fast movement. Here's a list that names some stunning effects of this product: í¢ä‰??Special Chinese Coin thru glass table í¢ä‰??Coin thru glass cup í¢ä‰??Quick thru any glass í¢ä‰??Chinese Coin thru audience hand then dorp cup í¢ä‰??Coin quick hand to hand í¢ä‰??Unique 2 Coin movement í¢ä‰??Appear 3 chinese Coins then change into a Dollar í¢ä‰??3 Coins fly into glass cup This is a gimmick that will certainly let everyone show their different talent and imagination of magic. 50 more magic illusions for you to find out!

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