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Original, portable and easy... three characteristics of this trick!

The magician shows a safe that cannot be opened.

He shows a deck and asks to shuffle for someone.

During this action, shake the box of cards. "Inside there is something that will be revealed at the end."

He gives this to the spectator who shuffles the deck for him to listen to or hand it over to someone else.

Then he asks to hand over three cards from above but last card for him. (the spectator who shuffled the cards)

The first two assistant enters their playing card password in the safe.

Now the assistant who mixes, can open the safe.

Inside he will find a prediction that matches with his card!

But that is not all!

The viewer with the box of cards will open this to check that there is a piece of paper (with a date one day earlier) that matches the prediction paper.

This shows that the prediction was not manipulated by the magician at any time.

(You can set any card in the safe)

This is the Safe Prediction by HUGO VALENZUELA

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