Roughing Balm V2

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Here's the perfect way to create rough-smooth decks - the secret of many magicians and mentalists! 

Roughing Balm Version 2 is our new, improved release - easier and more convenient to use than the original - for Roughing cards. 

Roughing Balm Version 2 is designed in a flat shape (the original's shape was round). 

It's easy - simply rub the center of the card up and down by using this flat Roughing Balm. It's easy and quick to Rough an entire deck in a very short time. (The existing original required you to paint the roughing balm irregularly several times. See the difference?) 

With this advanced Roughing Balm, you can do your Roughing work more conveniently and in a more stable fashion. 

Roughing Balm Version 2 contains enough material to make 50 Invisible Decks, so your Roughing work is available for more than 2,500 cards!

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