Rider Back Playing Cards

Color: Red
Sale price$5.00 USD


In 1885, the USPCC was releasing a new brand of playing card, and it needed a brand name. At the time, a boom of bicycles, tricycles and anything that rolled was popular in the United States. This gave a USPCC printer a perfect idea for the new line of cards. Simply called Bicycle, the cards were officially given that name and brought into production.

To go along with the name, the back features a symmetrical image of cupid riding upon a bicycle. The cards are designed either red or blue, and the design outside of the picture features multiple hearts, curved plants and a cupid planted in each corner. This design is commonly referred to as the "Rider Back" design.

Along with the distinct Bicycle card backs, the decks come with a few more features. Along with two jokers, the first card of every Bicycle deck is an Ace of Spaces. The spade is decorated with a dotted design and stars, and the center features a symbol of lady liberty.

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