Rice Bowl Mystery - Aluminum

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These magic bowls are SPECTACULAR! Rice, candy, or confetti multiplies and then changes to enchanted water.

You'll love our NEW AUTOMATIC RICE BOWL MYSTERY.ξ We've seen many styles of this classic effect but these bowls OUTSHINE THEM ALL.

The Rice Bowl Mystery is an all time favorite classic of magic and is nowξeasier than ever to performξusing our bowls.ξξ

You display two gleaming, mirror-finish, aluminum bowls inside and out. Fill one bowl to the top with rice and cover with the other. You make a mystical pass and when the top bowl is removed, the bottom bowl is over flowing -theξrice has DOUBLED in QUANTITY!ξ

Empty the bowl and then cover it again.ξξ

You make another mystical pass. The suspense builds. What could appear in those empty bowls?ξξ PRESTO!ξξNow theξbowls are filled with water!ξξIt is a beautiful sight when you gracefully pour the water from one bowl to the other.

First the rice doubles and then water appears!ξ AMAZING!

  • The bowls do the work for you
  • One bowl holds a large 1.5 cups of rice (12 oz.)
  • Use candy or confetti instead of rice
  • Highly deceptive design- just look at the photo showing the inside of the bowls. There's nothing to see
  • Nothing added or taken away
  • No cardboard leveler or silk cover needed. NO STEALS
  • High MIRROR polished bowls with attractive pedestal base are pleasing to the eye and denotes quality
  • Spun aluminum bowls are lightweight for easy travel and pedestal base doubles as a handle for easy use.
  • Each bowl stands approximately 2.5" tall and 5" in diameter at its widest point.

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