Rattle Box

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Viking's Deluxe Walnut Rattle Box is the finest made anywhere.
Constructed of solid walnut with maple lid and walnut inlay.
This prop will enable you to vanish a ring, poker chip, coin, etc. with ease and in full view.

The performer asks for the loan of a coin (or ring, etc.). The coin is marked and dropped into a neat hardwood box, which is given to a spectator for safekeeping. The lid is closed and box shaken to ensure that the coin is still locked within. At anytime during your routine, the box may be shaken to prove that the spectator still safely holds the borrowed article.

Finally the box is shaken and at your command, 1-2-3, the sound stops abruptly and the spectator immediately opens the box only to find that the contents have vanished!

The missing coin/ring may then be found in any location you wish, such as our Quarter-Go Box. Our Rattle Box is made of the finest hardwoods, complete with detailed instructions.

Box measures 3 3/4" x 2 3/8" x 1 1/2"; hand crafted from solid walnut. Lid is maple with walnut inlay. Top quality, none finer anywhere, guaranteed!

Note: shade of wood used may vary from photo.

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