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Man do I love this trick. Calling it a trick doesn't even do it justice. With all the variations and different routines that are possible, it's a system that will allow you to perform miracles.

Miracles like:

****Causing a stack of four quarters to penetrate the back of a spectator's hand!!!!

Dai Vernon, Charlie Miller and Johnny Thompson all referred to the trick by the name "Shhh", because they did not want anyone to talk about the trick. They thought it was so strong of an effect it was too good to share.

Nate Leipzig performed it for his special clients and NEVER performed it in front of other magicians. He too thought it was too good to share and did not want others to perform it. Thus having the title "Leipzig's Pride".

Causing borrowed coins to magically penetrate a spectators own hand is amazingly strong magic.

But that's not all. There are lots of other magic routines you can perform with this special quarter gimmick!

One of the coolest parts about this system is it allows you to apparently just borrow four quarters and perform an impromptu miracle!

Here is just ONE of the several routines taught!!!

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