Psycho Dice by Steve Cook

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If you have seen me lecture in the last year or two, then you've probably seen me do this trick - it's been in my performing set since I was 15.

It makes a perfect opening trick - it uses simple and attractive props, and although just a small mystery, there's a chance for audience interaction, it's fool-proof, self working, and is a complete fooler.

In effect, you open a ring box and remove three dice - one blue, one red and one white.  The spectator puts them into his pocket.  You shake the ring box - it rattles as you explain that you left one die (dice) inside as a prediction.

The spectator mixes the dice in his pocket, and chooses one.  You ask him if there is anyway you could have possibly influenced his decision, and he will say no.  And yet, the dice he picked matches the colour of the dice in the ring box!

Instant reset, non-card, and easy on pocket space, this cunning little routine will bring you much enjoyment.  I've been using it for nearly 20 years!

 Comes with the ring box, the dice and my full routine and presentation for this classic piece of commercial magic. 

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