Production & Break Apart Box

Sale price$120.00 USD


This classy handmade box of linen and glimmer can be used to make objects appear or disappear!

Show the base of the box to be empty, then insert the slim front, back and side walls of the box. Finally place the lid on it and immediately produce glasses, bottles, silk streamers, silks, spring bouquets, candies or even a dove from the box!

The box can also be used to make items disappear, including livestock.

Each Production & Break Apart Box is individually made by a master craftsman from Germany. Quality you can trust on! Made of fine quality linen in bookbinder hand work and the best materials, this is a prop that you can use for years and years.

Size: 10" x 8" x 5" (l 26 x w 20 x h 13 cm)

Folds flat to just 2.5"/ 4 cm high

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