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Princess Card starts by showing five different playing cards. You then ask someone to just THINK of one of the playing cards without saying it out loud. You turn the cards toward yourself and remove one of them. You turn the cards back around and the card they were thinking of is gone! You can repeat this over and over again with different cards. It works every time!

Apprentice products come complete with all necessary props, online instructions as well as a great storyline to capture the imagination of your audience. The Apprentice Line of magic is focused toward beginners yet, many professional magicians around the world use these same tricks in their live shows. Learn magic the right way with the Apprentice Line of magic!

  • Easy to perform!
  • Self working!
  • No sleight of hand!
  • Easy to learn!
  • Online video instructions!
  • All props included!
  • Performance tips!
  • Story / patter included!
  • Great quality!

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