Pick Your Poison

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From the resident bar magician (of his own home), Erick Olson has created a bet you CAN'T LOSE!

Pick your Poison is a self-contained Mental Bar Bet with custom made props that do all the work for you!!

The Effect: You remove three drink coasters from a smart looking snap case. Each coaster has a different drink printed on it; Beer, Whisky and Wine. Left inside the case, and seen through the clear plastic front, is a $20 bill. Explain that you're going to get the spectator to choose one of the three drinks. You are SO confident that you already KNOW which drink they're going to pick you're willing to give them the $20 bill if you're wrong. But if you're right, then they have to buy you a drink. The spectator agrees to the wager and makes an  ABSOLUTELY FREE CHOICE  of one of the three drinks. You then reveal an indelible prediction left in full view from the very beginning that reveals their chosen drink!!!

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