Oh We Gee Card - Haunted Deck

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The Oh-We-Gee Card was created many moons ago. For years it was unavailable.


With this incredible gimmick you can perform several miracles. Imagine being able to perform  the classic Rising Card Effect


Perform several versions of Al Baker’s Haunted Deck. Even a version that happens IN THEIR HANDS.


Cause a card to JUMP out of the cased deck high into the air and catch it at your fingertips.

And much more!!!

Here is the coolest part.....all of this is accomplished with ONE Quality Hand Crafted GIMMICKED CARD.


This gimmicked card is freakin sweet. Its built to last and playing with it is like playing with a new James Bond gizmo.


Up until now the only people that have seen me perform with this gimmick are my personal clients and the few lucky ones who have attended my recent lectures.

Upon purchase you will be sent the gimmick in the mail and you will also see if the training video which teaches you my routine and some other cool ideas!!!

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