Ogma Playing Cards

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Ogma The world's very first optical illusion designer deck.

If the legendary optical illusion artist M.C. Escher was a master magician still alive today, Ogma will be THE deck of cards he uses. The energy and the spirit of surrealism is simplified to its purest form.

Ogma captures the post modern elegance of art, fashion, design, colliding with mystery of visual, magic, and deception. And avarice of every deceptionist at play. Simplicity is known to be the most difficult art to master. With just black and white, it takes great courage and true mastery to deliver a slick and mystical accessory in the form of 52 playing cards.

True Metallic Gold AND Silver court cards. Full customized enhanced pips corresponding with the back illusion design, enhancing your grip subconsciously with visual deception. After handling Ogma, regular designer decks just feel overweight.

Printed on Prime Casino Stock with the brand new Skulkor Exclusive Performance Coating to finish up with true slickness. This coating takes one extra process, and can only be applied on 1000 decks at a time. Each card runs with just the right friction to create the perfect sensation for your fingertips.

The thickness of Bicycle, the springiness of classic Arco, Bee air press. Ogma, beyond all standards for the elite card handler. Ogma, world leading designer deck of cards. In the right hands, it can be fearless.

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