Of the Little Things Vol. 1

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Hard-hitting visual magic!

Hello and welcome to the little things volume 1. In this download, Alan is offering some of his most visual, hard-hitting pet effects. On Volume 1 you will get:

Through: An easy to make gimmick that will allow you to pass any object that will fit into a folded banknote, through it. Clean direct and simple. And if you really want to, you can borrow the banknote!

Pulled 2.0: Over 8 years ago Alan released a linking ring pull effect. The only issue with it was the way you made the gimmick. You needed an extra something BUT NOW this issue is solved. You will be able to make these gimmicks in the field with nothing but your bare hands and in less than 2 seconds. Then you will be able to link ANYTHING that will fit into the ring pull, to the ring pull. Again, simply clean and direct magic.

Cardexx: This is Alan's solution to the card to pocket/wallet. With this super simple and super cheap gimmick, you will be able to do a NO PALM CARD TO WALLET style effect. Using a Kleenex pocket! Treated right this gimmick will last you a lifetime, it will let you load anything that will fit into the slot and you can even place it in the spectator's hand when It is loaded and they will never suspect a thing!

W.Y.L.F.W.T: Every magician loves McDonald's aces. But Alan wanted to add a little extra. Imagine being able to do the standard McDonald's aces with minimal work. One easy to learn sleight in fact. But then have it backfire and have every Card move back to its original pile/hand. With this easy to make gimmick which there is a PDF included to do so, you will be able to do the aforementioned and so much more

These truly are the little things that kill and have been pet effects/hidden gems of Alan's for years. Now, these hard-hitting pieces of strange are in your hands to have fun with.

In this video, there are also a few hidden little secrets... Some are obvious and some are hidden well. Will you find them all? We will give you a little hint. The music is like that for a reason!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for Vol 2 coming soon which will include the best ring flight out there


Running Time Approximately: 1hr 23minDownload now!

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