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For many years book tests have been a firm favorite for both the performer and their spectators alike. But in recent years book tests have become more and more complicated to learn & perform.

Finally we have a book test that's easy to learn and uncomplicated to perform. Making the presentation uncluttered, and easy for your spectator to follow.

The Oasis book test makes a great standalone mental effect or can be a feature part of a larger mindreading routine.

The Oasis is a custom designed and printed book with over 300 pages for your spectators to choose from.

Phase One
Hand your spectator a book and get someone to name a random page number. Your spectator opens the book to that page and is directed to think of either the first or last word on the top line. They visualize the word as an image and you start describing the image & word they are thinking of.

Phase two
Another spectator opens the book to any page and chooses a word from the middle. Once again you read their mind with deadly accuracy!!

  • The Oasis Book test takes a few minutes to learn and is as direct as a bullet from a gun!
  • Great for anyone that wants to add some incredible mindreading to their act.
  • No fishing or guessing for the first letters
  • Words used are easily visualized as images by your spectator. Allowing for a fuller mind-reading experience
  • Learn In Minutes
  • No Memory Work Required
  • Use one or more spectators

**Comes complete with a custom designed /printed book & instructional DVD which will get you using the Oasis book test in minutes!!

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