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"Bennie Chickering is that rare combination of artist and craftsman who comes up with things we've never seen before."
- David Regal

"Bennie is pretty good."
- Ryan Schlutz

From Benjamin "Bennie" Chickering, the man behind: Nanner World, Hofzinser's Dream, and CVF Deck, comes a new take on the Hofzinser Card.

Paying homage to the great 19th-century magician, Johann N. Hofzinser, Nepomuk brings a fresh and exciting visual to your repertoire.

All you need to do is add the Nepomuk card to your standard red Bicycle deck and you're ready to perform! Your spectator picks a card which is then shuffled into the deck. You then go through the deck, pull out a single card, and hold it to the flashlight on your phone to reveal, through the back of the card, that you have in fact selected their card. Now, this is where the fun begins.. Slowly, or quickly, you remove the printing from the face of the card to turn the card over and show that the front of the card is now completely blank! So, where did it go? Well, into your phone of course! But it can't stay there forever... When your spectator has finally stopped freaking out, you can "slide" the card from your phone back into the deck right in front of their eyes and provide a second reveal by spreading the cards out and showing their card reversed; at which point, you can hand their card back to them and have them examine it to their heart's content.

Although the Nepomuk card is a single gimmick, it is no one trick pony. The expertly crafted gimmick, handmade by The Card Man himself, can be used for a number of effects, visuals, and reveals.

In the instructional video, you are taught everything you need to know to become an expert at this effect, even if you are just starting out in magic, and the many ways you can perform it.

Nepomuk is one of those unique effects that looks phenomenal both on camera and in person; leaving your followers and spectators in awe!

Nepomuk is a beautiful routine on its own and works great in combination with other Hofzinser-style effects and blank card plots!
  • Easy to do for all skill levels
  • Expertly crafted, handmade gimmick
  • Ready to go out of the box, no DIY needed
  • Great for social media AND live performances
  • The gimmick is made in Red Bicycle Rider Back
  • Multiple effects, visuals, and variations taught

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