MMS ONE SHOT - Fly Away - Alan Rorrison

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What you see is what you get!

Welcome to the Murphy's Magic Supplies One Shot series!

Each one-shot download is hand-picked from our amazing At The Table lecture series and features one proven powerhouse magic trick -- all shot in one continuous take.

That's right! No edits, no fancy music or effects -- just awesome real-time magic from our talented artists.

We consider this a one-effect teaser for the entire lecture. We know that, if like what you see, you will definitely want to check out the artist's full At The Table lecture!

Featured on this One Shot download:

Allan Rorrison teaches you his impossible Fly Away routine.

This super commercial effect happens with a cell phone and a bill. Your spectator pics a random origami image from google images on their phone without looking at it you take a bill and begin to fold it up. You create a little paper origami bird. When they turn over their phone they see that they have also chosen and image of an origami bird. An impossible coincidence!

If you love this download, be sure to check out Allan Rorrison's entire At The Table lecture for an incredible low cost.

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