Miraculous Mentalism with Minimal Manipulation

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Bruce Kundin is a mentalist that performs regularly at the World Famous Magic Castle. Mentalism is no longer just for stage or parlor, you can actually use it in a close-up format. In this video, you will learn several effects designed in a close-up environment. You will learn 4 effects dealing with Telepathy, 3 effects in Psychometry, and 2 effects in E.S.P. and Precognition. This is an ONLINE COURSE provided by BrainWorks Online.


  • Telepathy meets Telekinesis
  • Psychic Drawings
  • Dictionary Mind Read
  • Lottery Prices


  • Mental Vacation
  • Eight Card Psychometry
  • Divining Needle

E.S.P. and Precognition

  • Unlock your ESP
  • Eight of Hearts Prediction

Bonus Effect

  • Blank Card Telepathy

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