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Mind Ball - Unleash Your Psychic Power and Know the Color of the Ball!

Get ready for a mind-blowing experience with Mind Ball, a revolutionary self-working mental routine that will baffle your mind! You'll be in command of your psychic skills as you reveal which colored balls have been chosen from a box of five.

Here's how it works - show your spectators a beautiful wooden box and let them choose any colored ball from inside. You can leave the room or even get blindfolded, and when you come back, you'll immediately know the color of the ball without even looking inside the box. You can also have several spectators each take one ball out of the box and hide them out of sight, and at a later time, you can reveal who took which ball from the box. This professional set includes a wooden box with specially designed electronics, which works flawlessly with the remote control. The remote control has both an optical signal (LED in the color of the ball taken) and a vibration function, so you'll feel exactly which ball is being taken out if an optical signal isn't possible.

Don't miss out on owning the ultimate Mind Ball set, including five beautiful mind balls, a wooden box, a remote control (which is inside the box), and an instruction card.

With Mind Ball, you'll have the power to impress friends, family, and customers alike. Get your hands on it today and show off your psychic skills like never before!

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