Meditations on Ripping

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"I am so fooled." - Andi Gladwin "I honestly haven't been that fooled with a pack of cards in a very very long time. Truly masterful!"
- Adam Wilber

"I will tell you this... You took that concept farther than I ever dreamed was possible, so congratulations to you, and thank you for doing something amazing with a thing I love!"
- Jeremy Griffith

"You clever m*****f*****!"
- Antonio Bourgeois

Do the impossible with a regular deck of cards!

Meditations on Ripping is a follow-up project to Jeremy Griffith's Ripping release. The anti-faro principle is not the easiest thing to master, but the things you can do with it will become reputation makers like nothing else you have ever experienced.

With your investment, you will receive interesting insights into the USPCC playing card's hidden secrets, especially the Tally-Hos. With these insights and a little bit of memory, you can perform two tricks instantly without mastering any difficult sleight of hand. Furthermore, if you are willing to learn Ripping, you will be rewarded with two more tricks that will blow your audience's minds.

With that being said, the technique of Ripping is not taught in this eBook since that is Jeremy Griffith's creation, not to mention that it would be impossible to teach you that with written descriptions and photos.

So, if you're a hard worker or you're just curious about new methods, you can enjoy the applause and the appreciation that you will receive with these fine effects.

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