Matrix Elements

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5 Unbelievable Matrix Effects from the Master! 

"Patricio Terán's hands tell beautiful lies. They create stories with crafty plot twists. We can all learn from his ability to end a trick with a bombshell." 
- Jeff Copeland 

After the success of the Chink-a-Chink Elements, Patricio brings us brand new Matrix effects. On this download, you will learn 5 new matrix effects using elements like dice, rings, coins, and even Rubik's Cubes! 

"Some of the best Matrix effects I have ever seen! Truly incredible work."
- Joe Pequerrucho 

"Don Patricio's Matrix ideas are amazing and give a fresh air to the plot. Congratulations." 
- Mariano Goñi 

Each routine is explained in detail with alternatives and handlings for everyone. Download this video and learn these incredible Matrix effects today!

"A lovely piece of work. " -The Magic Portal, Reviewer

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