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"I like the UNO version of your tossed deck idea! Great combination."
- Bill Abbott

The most organic, engaging, and cost-effective T.O.D. on the market!

The "Tossed Out Deck" is a classic of magic and mentalism.

There have been many versions over the years using everything from playing cards to notepads and other items.

Simply put, it is a reliable tool that gets incredible reactions on stage and in parlor shows.

Welcome to Know!

Paul Fowler's Know is a version of the Tossed Out Deck using cards from a popular family game.

Organic and instantly engaging to your audience, 'Know' uses something that your audience is all familiar with... a deck of UNO cards.

Perfect for large corporate shows, small wedding cabarets, family shows and even kids shows, 'Know' is a professional and versatile tool that you will perform with ease.

Here's why Know is the perfect version of the Tossed Out Deck:

1. You will choose three members of your audience, two will choose a number, and one will think of a color from the 'Know' deck.
2. You will instantly be able to look at EACH person in turn and tell them what they are thinking of. They will each be thinking of different information.
3. Although not used in the main routine, you can also incorporate the traditional 'hoy' method to make a bigger routine and reveal to your audience.
4. You can use the 'Know' deck as a number generator, creating the easiest and fairest book test (using literally any book), or a killer magic square routine, which is explained on the project as a bonus.
5. You can use 'Know' as a close-up effect!
6. It is very easy to do, allowing you to focus on your presentation.

What you need to know
This is a streaming product in which Paul Fowler will teach you how to make your 'Know' deck using real UNO cards.
The build will take around 15 mins and is a one-time setup.

You will need to make an additional purchase totalling around $20 to complete your deck. The parts needed are easily accessible via Amazon, eBay, similar or in shops.

Even with the additional purchase we are very pleased that 'Know' is still arguably the most cost effective Tossed Out Deck on the market.

Make it once, carry it in your bag and always be ready to perform 5-10 mins of hard hitting magic & mentalism everywhere you go and in any situation.

'Know' is a tool that will get you easy reactions!

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