Karnival Dose02 Playing Cards

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A stunning (totally new) design - every card has been re-imagined and beautifully rendered by renowned French artist Sam Hayles. With a theme somewhere between grungy post-modern and elegant macabre, this is THE deck to own.

Can be integrated with standard bicycle cards and other decks from the Karnival-Inc range (Karnival Original, Midnight, Assassins, Renegades, Ryujin and Dead Eyes) for creating super cool routines!

Brought to you by BigBlindMedia, the Bicycle Karnival Deck has the USPCC world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.

  • A beautifully realised card reveal on one of the jokers - (an Ace Of Hearts pokes from a crack in the Joker's skull).
  • A bonus card with the message 'You will choose the Four Of Clubs' emblazoned across it.
  • A double faced card to use in your magic routines
  • A hidden card reveal on the bottom of the card case (Jack Of Clubs).

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