Infinitas Playing Cards

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Creativity is boundless, endless, unlimited. A world of possibilities.

The Infinitas Playing Cards, designed by Rian Lehman, is a tribute to the world of infinite possibilities and interconnectivity. Printed by US Playing Card Company, with all custom art (pips, faces, even the indices), the theme carries throughout the deck -- and each artistic nuance begs to be discovered. Made in the USA and includes specially printed gaff cards.

When placed in capable hands, the magician or cardist can let their creativity flow -- not bound by convention.

Let your mind be open, wrap your fingers around each card, and feel it.

What are you going to create?

"These cards are not made from a mold and they depart from any standard issue. The original artwork is incomparable to anything else and for those that like eclectic cards, you should pick-up a deck, before they are sold out." -Straight Talk Magic, Reviewer

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