In The Mood For Push

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Supernatural double turnover, without a break, without tension!

In The Mood For Push, features Lidden Li's best and latest work on the sleight DOUBLE PUSH OFF. These sleights and routines are done with pure sleight of hand that Lidden uses every single day for over ten years. Once you learn it, you no longer need to think about how to count or how to place your fingers while doing a double turnover. You will be ready to perform a double turnover with no tension and no hesitation! Lidden Li, a magician, a character, a Chinese. (If you heard him before, good. If not, now you do.), has caused a sensation with his technical abilities to do DOUBLE PUSH OFF in China. Videos and stories began to circulate tenish years ago from Lidden doing extraordinary things.

In The Mood For Push is Lidden Li's ten-years of development handling of DOUBLE PUSH OFF. On this project, you will learn three incredible ways to handle a double without taking a break using pure sleight of hand.

All the handlings work well together as one big set, or as their own stand alone trick. Also, each unique handling can be added to the routines you currently perform adding so much value and versatility to these routines.

Each sleight and routine in this download is described in great detail, HD video recording with four different angles, detailed instruction, full performance video of every gem is provided in the tutorial for ease of learning.

Get your download of In The Mood For Push today and discover the hidden power and infinite possibilities of these double handlings that are destined to become your secret weapon.

Running time: 42 minutes 54 seconds

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