Obey Impasto Playing Cards

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We are a studio, and our goal is to spread cardistry through multiple artistic elements that complement it

Cardistry is, in many ways, one of the most unique disciplines in the world. We wanted to pay homage through different art forms that embrace the same distinction and elegance found in the vast art of card shuffling.

Founded by Nicolas Oliveros and Santiago Forero.

Impasto Deck

We have designed a very unique deck of cards for the first drop, which happens to replicate the paintings featured in the t-shirts and posters in the trailer. Every card is custom, and the back design is a piece of canvas painted by one of our artists. Every element in the cards has its own meaning, and our two Jokers match up beautifully with our two t-shirt designs

All the figures are characters with different personalities. They are decorated with symbolic elements making reference to the ancient cards worldwide. At that time, they were used to read people's fortunesThe United States Playing Card Company will be producing these decks."You can almost feel the brushstroke!"

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