Grid Series Three - Typographic Playing Cards

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LIMITED EDITION: Only 1933 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. 

The time has come -- the final deck in the Grid collection by Luke Wadey is here and packing a real punch! With bold and brave typography creating visually impactful graphics throughout the deck and tuck, Grid Series Three is the perfect way to complete the collection. 

A must-have for collectors and becoming increasingly popular with cardists and players, the Grid Series Three - Typographic Playing Cards is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd with its truly unique design. Luke invites you to share the experience of his most successful project to date because these can't be missed -- once they are gone, they are gone! 

- Printed by USPCC on the ever-successful classic stock with embossed finish 
- 1933 decks printed, never to be printed again 
- Created by Luke Wadey 
- Fully custom, 56 card typographic deck with custom tuck and seal 

Will you complete the full set in time?

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