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The ultimate 'Out of This World' with a shocking kicker finish!

A smash hit from Liam's now unavailable 'Academy Live Course', Galaxian’ is an ingenious ‘Out of This World’ that is performed with the cards face up!

The spectator is handed the pack, and tries to separate the cards into two piles - one containing all the red cards, and one containing all the black cards.
When they open their eyes and check the packets, they have apparently failed, and both packets contain a mixture of red and black cards.
You then reveal that actually, they HAVE separated the reds from the blacks… Just not in the way that they expected!

PRE-ORDER includes eBook with the explanation links sent immediately!

  • Includes Special Bicycle Deck
  • Instant Reset
  • Examinable
  • Written Instructions and Online Video
  • Easy to Do
  • Astonishing Kicker Finish!
  • Pre-order includes Michael Breggar's Bonus Routine!
  • The Smash Hit of Liam's Alakazam Academy!!


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