Find The Lady Jumbo

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Find The Lady Jumbo

A Classic effect, now made to last. Great visual Magic.

The magician shows jumbo three cards, two King of Spades and a Queen of Hearts which he turns face down. Then, while the magician mixes the cards, he invites the spectators to follow the moves of the Queen.

The spectator is asked to point out the location of the Queen...he is wrong. A second spectator is given a chance to find the Queen among the last two cards... he too is wrong. The Queen has evaded both spectators.

Next, to make things a bit easier, he asks the spectators if they can find one of the Kings from the spread of three cards. He fails as well. The cards are all turned face up and the Queen is found to have vanished. Only three Kings are present!

• The cards measure: 17 1/2" x 11 3/4" (cm 45 x 30).

• Good quality printing, smooth working; long lasting plastic cards, rather than the original cardboard cards. Large and beautiful.

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