Essential Sleights for Card Magic

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The False Shuffles and Cuts Project

There is nothing more valuable in the card magician's arsenal than the ability to convince your audience you are shuffling the deck, when in actuality you aren't. If your spectator's believe the cards are being mixed, whilst all the time you retain control of their order - then you can perform true MIRACLES! Indeed, this one skill can help transform simple self working tricks into jaw dropping slabs of IMPOSSIBILITY!ξ

There are thousands of ways to false shuffle and cut the deck, but this project is not a cold encyclopaedic list of them. These are the A1, 24 Karat GOLD techniques that host Liam Montier has sought out and road tested on your behalf. To make the grade the featured cut or shuffle had to be practical, utterly deceptive and something YOU WOULD USE!ξ

These powerful, deceptive skills are within the technical reach of any card handler (including some that are SO easy you could do them in your sleep!), and will have you up and running in no time.ξ

Learning just one or two of these techniques is essential, but learning more will enable you to 'mix and match' the skills to create the unquestionable impression that you really are shuffling the pack. These are practical techniques - whether you are working walk-around magic, or sitting at a coffee table with some mates, you will be fooling them all in no time!ξ

And at the end of the project four incredible magic tricks are also taught, so you can head out and test your new skills straight away!ξ

  • Overhand Shuffles
  • Basic Overhand False Shuffles
  • Blind Shuffle
  • Ireland Shuffle
  • Running Cut Shuffle
  • Optical Shuffles
  • Wiggle Woggle Shuffle
  • Optical Shuffle
  • Mike O'Dowd's Slop Shuffle
  • Stock Shuffles
  • The Lift Shuffle
  • The Jog Shuffle
  • Swing Cut Shuffle
  • Bottom Stock Shuffle
  • Riffle Shuffles
  • False Riffle Shuffles
  • The Push Through
  • The Triumph Shuffle
  • General Shuffles
  • Charlier False Shuffle
  • Up The Ladderξ

  • Swing Cut
  • Swivel Cut
  • Charlier Cut
  • Bobby Bernard Cut
  • Jay Ose Cut
  • Tarbell 3 Way Cut
  • Royal Road Cut
  • Erdnase Cut
  • Frank Thompson Cut
  • The Cut
  • Owen Packard's Crane Beak Cut
  • John Bannon's Flytrap Cut
  • John Bannon's Crocodile Cut
  • Gary Ouellet Cut
  • Lewis Jones Cut
  • David Acer's The Trinary
  • Mini Sybilξ

    Paul Curry's THINK OF A CARD
    John Bannon's SHOCK TREATMENT
    Dai Vernon's TRIUMPH
    Erdnases' WEIGHξ

    The Elmsley Count Project

    Within the art of card magic there are a small group of 'moves' that are considered ESSENTIAL. They are the corner stones of great magic. The basic utensils you need to perform astounding feats with playing cards. And the Elmsley Count is undoubtedly one of them. Master this one simple technique and you can perform some of the most classic magic tricks of all time.ξ

    Most famously used to hide the face of one or more cards as you count through a small packet, the Elmsley Count is actually much more versatile and useful than many people realize.ξ

    Here in THE ELMSLEY COUNT PROJECT comes the first dedicated DVD set to teach you how to do this classic move correctly, regardless of whether you are just starting out, or are an old hand ready to take this sleight to the next level.ξ

    This is a collection of techniques that combine to give you the most natural and deceptive 'bomb proof' Elmsley Count possible. It looks natural, works smoothly and with cards in absolutely any condition.ξ

    And once Liam has helped you get a PERFECT Elmsley Count we can move onto the enormous section on related variations.ξ

    Learn the Opec Count, the Outjogged Elmsley, the Split Elmsley, the Pinch Grip, the Vertical Elmsley, the Outjogged Elmsley, the Underground Elmsley and the Twist Grip!ξ

    And there's even MORE! Next up we teach you the Siva Count, the Jordan Count, the Spirit Count and John Bannon's Discrepancy City Display and the AWESOME Bullet Party Display.ξ

    Finally, armed with your new arsenal of Elmsley Count techniques, you are ready for disc 2, in which we present a collection of classic tricks using this wonderful move from the best card men in the world, including Alex Elmsley, Peter Kane, John Bannon, David Solomon and George McBride. These are tricks you could be doing for the rest of your magical career!ξ

    So, whether you are learning for the first time, or you are a magician looking to advance the technique you have been using, join Liam Montier and explore all the possibilities within THE ELMSLEY COUNT PROJECT.ξ

    Disc One

    Learning The Elmsley Count
    • Start Position
    • Count Of One
    • Count Of Two
    • Count Of Three & Four
    • Recap
    • Emphasizing The Packet
    • Hiding More Cards
    • Opec Count
    • Outjogged Elmsley
    • Pinch Grip
    • Snap Count
    • Split Elmsley
    • Twist Grip
    • Underground Elmsley
    • Vertical Elmsley
    Other Counts
    • Jordon Count
    • Spirit Count
    • Discrepancy City Display (Bannon)
    • Siva Count
    • Bullet Party Display (Bannon)
    Disc 2
    • The Four Card Trick - Elmsley
    • Twisting The Aces - Vernon
    • The Odd Man Out - Montier
    • One Too Many - McBride
    • Que Sera Sera - Bannon
    • Jacks In The Box - Solomon
    • Whisperstition - Montier
    • Jazz Aces - Kane

    The Double Lift Project

    The Double Turnoverξ(most usually referred to as a double lift) is perhaps the single most essential move in all of card magic. It is the act of turning over two playing cards whilst creating the impression that you are handling just a single card.ξ

    It is invariably the first sleight magicians learn once they decide to progress from entirely self working card magic, and for many magicians it is the ONLY sleight they need to unleash all manner of magic chicanery on their spectators.ξ

    And yet it is often performed clumsily, and in the exact same manner as it was first learnt. Indeed, many magicians spend a lifetime sticking to their initial method, and fail to take advantage of the numerous variations and context specific variants that exist.ξ

    On theξDouble Lift Projectξyou will find thorough, easy to understand, indepth teaching on fourteen different double lifts. With these moves in your arsenal you will be ready to perform a double lift regardless of the situation. From the top of the deck, the middle of the deck, from a packet of cards - you name it. You will also have the skills to 'get ready' for your double lift using a host of methods - thumb count (at the front or rear of the deck), a pinkie count, pushover and more. Then once you progress further into the DVD Liam will even teach you how to do triple, quadruple (or MORE) turnovers.ξ

    Make no mistake - there are a lot of techniques, tips and skills to learn and enjoy!ξ

    Regardless of whether you are just starting out in magic, or are a seasoned pro, there is something exciting to learn here. Andξ'The Double Lift Project'ξwill provide utterly essential skills that will elevate your card magic to the next level.ξ

    On the second half of the DVD your host,ξLiam Montier, presents some of the greatest card tricks ever invented - all using just a double lift! Mindblowing routines from the likes of David Solomon, Alex Elmsley & Peter Duffie will arm you with material guaranteed to blow an audience's mind!ξ

    "I thought my double lift was fine. Then I watched this, improved my technique 100% and learnt loads of variations I never knew existed. Thank you Liam!"
    - Mark Hanson, Merchant Of Magic

    "Beginner or working pro - you need this DVD. It WILL improve your technique. Plus the tricks are killer."
    - James Went (BBC's 'Help My Supply Teacher Is Magic')ξ

    "The most comprehensive guide to the double lift I have ever seen".
    - Dave Forrestξ

    "An utterly indispensable guide to an essential move!"
    - Iain Moranξ

    Huge project spanning 3 hours on a dual layer DVD9 disc!ξ
    Content for beginner's right through to performing pros.ξ
    Features 6 get readies, 14 doublelifts and 7 amazing routines .
    High production values and excellent in depth teaching.ξ
    Part of the same series as the best selling releases THE ELMSLEY COUNT PROJECT and THE CULLFATHER.

  • The Get Readies
  • Holding The Deck
  • The Lift Up
  • The Gary Ouelett Get Ready
  • The Push Over Break
  • The Lift Get Ready
  • The Thumb Count
  • The Pinkie Countξ
    The Turnovers
  • The Expert Card Technique Turnover
  • The Book Turnover
  • The Upjogged Turnover
  • The Spin Double
  • The Larry Jenning's Snap Double
  • The Pages Of Time
  • The Triple Delight Turnover
  • The Crook
  • The Pushoff
  • The Floop
  • The LePaul Flipover
  • The Centre Double Lifts
  • The Forceps
  • The Bro Hamman Packet Double Liftsξ
    The Tricks
  • Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama
  • David Solomon's Fingerprint Trick
  • Peter Duffie's Two Card Transpo
  • Dave Campbell's Leapfrog
  • George McBride's Double Swap Sandwich
  • Alex Elmsley's Double Swap
  • Mike Skinner's The Mona Lisa Card Trick
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