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ESP Chip-Sational! ESP Chips model and box.

The performer places a chip inside the two compartment box, face-down, followed by the spectator placing his impression of what he feels matches the performers chip in the remaining empty hole. The performer always goes first. When all 10 chips have been placed in their respective holes they are tipped out on the base and one by one are shown to match perfectly! The spectator actually predicts the performers choices and is 100% correct!

Things to remember:

  • There is no force of any kind. The spectator has 100% control over the order of his selections.
  • The effect is performed exactly as detailed above.
  • The outcome of each presentation is completely random.
  • Set-up/reset takes but 30 seconds.
  • No sleights.
  • All props may be handled by the spectator.
  • The props are first rate.

The outcome can be different every time and although the trick is not completely self-working it is very easy to do. Highly recommended for mentalists, collector's and close-up performers.

Mahogany base with walnut lid and mahogany inlay, hand-crafted box; custom chips and complete instructions.

Box measures: 4 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 1 9/16; chips measure 1 5/8 diameter.

You have a choice of the ESP chip set or the assorted Color Chip set. Both work exactly the same. You can also order individual sets of chips so that you can use either set in the effect. You are purchasing the ESP chip set.

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