ESP Badges

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ESP Badges is a project of three tricks, using the enclosed props - a set of 5 ESP badges, deck of 25 ESP cards (printed on business card stock) and the cloth bag to keep all the props in.

As well as being great for creating your own routines, there are THREE killer tricks included, and for the first time ever, see a demo of one the tricks shot LIVE at Blackpool Magic Convention!

Tricks include...

PIN UP - The perfect pocket trick.  You remove the bag, tip out the badges, and lay them out on top of the bag.  With a spectator, you go through a process of elimination, removing badges from the bag until only one is left.  You show that you knew that one wouldn't be removed... as it is the only badge that couldn't be! It is actually PINNED ON!  Everything can be examined.

ARMSTRONG - A spectator freely chooses a shape from the ESP deck, and then shakes up all the badges in the bag.  You remove the badges one at a time without looking (you can even be blindfolded), being 'drawn' to one in particular.  Astonishingly, it matches the spectators choice!

NANOMETER - The badges are tipped out onto the bag, and from a line of ESP cards a spectator freely chooses one and thinks of the symbol.  They concentrate on it so hard that you reveal it, and then direct their powers to the badges... all of them drop off except for one - their chosen symbol is suddenly PINNED onto the bag!

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